Green Energy Grants Available in UK

If you are a UK resident and you are looking to help save the environment as much as you can then you are in luck as the government has this week launched a new in initiative that will see homeowners get a grant if they are to install a green energy system in their home. The government initiative was only launched yesterday and it could see grants of up to £1,250 for homeowners to install renewable energy sources within their homes.

Currently in the UK, the prices of gas and electricity are on the increase a hug amount and this will no doubt be having a severe effect on the amount of money that you have in your pocket. Heating bills are on the increase and this means that there could not be a better time to install a renewable energy source within your home. Of course, doing this is quite costly but with the government’s new help, these costs can be reduced significantly.

Although this might sound like good news, it really isn’t for the majority of people. The thing about the government scheme is that it is available to around 4 million households in the UK that are not heated by mains gas. Any households that are not heated using mains gas usually have to rely on other energy sources that will have a much higher carbon footprint than the mains gas. Therefore the grant is available for these households to install new, renewable energy sources within their homes.

The scheme is open for applicants already however so if you are one of the people in the UK whose home is not heated by mains gas supply, then you might be in with a chance of getting a grant of £1,250 in order to help you to install a more energy efficient system in your home. The government has actually created a fund of around £15 million in order to fund approximately 25,000 homes in the UK for these installations.

Many people are already saying that the scheme does not go far enough and that it should be made available to more homes but we are hoping that this will come in time. The scheme is certainly a start in a country that is well behind the rest of the world in terms of renewable energy.

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