Install Loft Insulation and save hundreds of pounds every year


One of the things that science figured out many years ago is that heat rises and when you put this into the context of your house, this means bad news for your roof. The strange thing about your home is that even though heat rises, your loft and roof is one of the most poorly insulated areas of your entire house and this really doesn’t make sense. As well as not making sense, it also means that hundreds of pounds worth of energy is being lost every single year and also adding to the problems that we have around the world concerning the usage of energy.

This is where the need to have loft insulation comes in and the good news is that it will save you a tonne of money. Without this insulation, a huge percent of the heat that you are generating in your home is lost meaning that you will have to spend more money. Now, the UK recommended depth for the wool insulation in lofts is around 270mm although there are a variety of other materials in which you can use that will require different depths.

If you don’t have any insulation in your loft then you are losing money, that is a fact and you really need to do something about it. Now, if you go from having no insulation to having the recommended 270mm of insulation, you will actually save around £145 per year on your heating bill. Of course, there is a cost that is associated with actually having it installed which is around a one off cost of £250 for the actual material and £200 cost on average for the DIY for the installation.

Now, if you think about this, you will notice that this means that after 2 to 3 years, you will have saved your initial investment amount in the money that you have saved. After this, your loft insulation will last for a further 10 – 20 years at least meaning that you will save thousands of pounds over the lifetime of the product.

As well as this, there is another good reason for having the loft insulation and that is that you will really help reduce the carbon dioxide emissions which are one of the biggest causes of climate change. So, loft insulation will save you money and the environment, what could be better?



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