Fit a hot water tank jacket and pipe insulation

Hot water tanks are one of the largest components in your house. They are also one of the most important components as they store all of the hot water that is needed for a regular bath and shower as well as the water you need for other appliances and washing up. The thing is that hot water tanks are extremely large and this means that they have a large surface area. Now, when the water inside them is a lot hotter than the air outside, this means that they are going to lose heat extremely quickly and that is not what you want when you are paying for the heating of that water.

One of the ways that you can combat this heat loss in your hot water tank is to actually fit what is called a British standard jacket (or the American equivalent). This will reduce the amount of heat that is lost from the tank by up to 75 percent which means that you really can’t afford not to have one.

Now, you might think that the cost of the jacket will outweigh the savings you make by the energy saved, however, this is untrue. Usually, a 75mm thick jacket for your hot water tank will set you back around £15 in the UK. Now, when you have one of these installed, the average saving that you will save each year from the jacket will be around 335. This means that in less than 6 months, you will already have made back the money you spent on the jacket and have actually started to save money. Considering that the jacket will remain in good shape for a number of years, you can see how much money and energy you will save by implementing one of these.

Pipes are another area that loses heat extremely quickly just like the hot water tanks and you need to take care of these as best you can too. The good news is that you can get insulation for hot water pipes extremely cheap once again and the average saving when you have this insulation is around £10 per year. Once again, the insulation will last for years meaning you will save even more money and energy.



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