How viable are solar panels?

With the economic downturn snowballing out of control, many people are looking at not just ways to save energy, but to save money at the same time. The publicity surrounding solar panels, their benefits and their cost is simply too intense for the average UK citizen to ignore. The way companies advertise solar panels, there seems to be no downfalls and with incentives being introduced by the government, now could be the time to invest. The question is though; how viable are solar panels, and how do they really work?

For consumers that are not familiar with solar panels, there are plenty of answers that they need before they are going to be convinced to part with their hard earned cash. Here are some common FAQs relating to solar panels…

Do solar panels only work when the weather is good?

As UK citizens, we all know that the weather here is not the best. That being said, solar panels do in fact work all day, regardless of the weather conditions. Solar panels convert daylight (not the rays from the sun) into electricity. Obviously if the weather is poor and dull, then solar panels will not be working at their optimum capacity, but they still produce energy.

Is it easy to convert a home to run on solar panels?

The actual installation of solar panels is easy. There are many UK companies that specialise in the supply and fitting of these products. That being said, solar panels do depend on light and produce more electricity in sunny weather. For that reason, very few UK homes are completely self sufficient. Instead they are still connected to the National Grid, where extra electricity can be sourced if the solar panels fail to produce enough electricity for the month.

How much do solar panels cost?

This is a question that has an infinite amount of answers. There are many variables that affect the cost of solar panels, such as their size, quality and the quality of the installation. Typically, the average household should expect to pay around £7,000. Of course, there are ongoing costs, such as solar panel cleaning, replacement parts and general maintenance that should be also be taken into account.

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