Building Your Own Solar Panels

The recent economic recession has led to a lot of people looking at ways to save money. Although solar panels are known for being a great source of renewable energy and therefore, preserve the environment (rather than destroy it), the majority of people do not use them for this reason. Building your own solar panels can be viable option, especially for those that simply do not have the option for a professional installation. The question is; what is needed?

The Cells

Of course, the most important part of the solar panels that you will be building is going to be the PV cells. There are plenty of suppliers that are giving these cells away at ridiculously low prices. Market places such as Amazon and eBay also tend to be extremely good places to pick them up. Remember, this is the heart of the solar panels, so buying the highest quality cells possible is essential.

Frame Work

To ensure that durability is not compromised, having a good frame for the panels is also extremely important. The elements will quickly destroy the PV cells and the tempered glass of the panel is they are not mounted on something strong. The majority of people that build their own solar panels tend to go for an aluminium frame, which lasts for years, but is incredibly light.

Instruction Manual

Since there has been an influx of people trying to build DIY solar panels over the last few years, there are now instruction manuals designed specifically for DIY builds. It is certainly worth picking up a copy of one of these books either in a retail store or online, as they will help even the most experienced DIY enthusiast to ensure that their build goes smoothly.

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