Cost of Energy Saving Light Bulbs on the Increase


One of the best ways of saving energy without any effort at all is through energy saving light bulbs but unfortunately, these can be a little bit more money than the traditional light bulbs. This pouts a lot of people off actually buying them for their home and now, the cost of these bulbs is actually on the increase. This is due to the banning of old, power hungry light bulbs, in favour of the new energy saving light bulbs. This is allowing the manufacturers to charge more for their products as customers will have no choice as to buy them.

Previously, the European Union actually banned the sale of 100 watt light bulbs in favour of the more energy efficient and energy saving light bulb. As well as this, frosted style light bulbs have also completely disappeared from shelves in the UK after they received orders to do this from Brussels and the European Union. At the end of this month, the production of 60 watt bulbs will also cease to exist which will mean that customers will be forced to buy more energy efficient and energy saving alternatives. The whole point of the European Union doing this is to increase the amount of power that Europe is saving but it seems that the manufacturers of the bulbs are simply taking advantage of this and increasing their prices.

The switch date for the new bulbs is September 1 2011 and manufacturers are taking advantage of this with the soaring costs of these energy saving light bulbs. Energy saving light bulbs have the potential to save tonnes more power than usual light bulbs and they will also save consumers a lot of money throughout the year. However, there have been many complaints about these bulbs not being as bright as the traditional light bulbs.

The cost of the these energy saving light bulbs has increase around 20 percent in the UK since June of this year which is a huge. As well as this, in one UK supermarket, the cost of a Phillips 11 watt CFL bulb is £4.99 which has risen from the price of just £3.99 just two years ago in 2009. Of course, part of this increase is down to inflation and what not.

Starting from September 1 2011, we will not have a choice in regards to these bulbs anyway, no matter how much they cost.


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