Saving money and energy with a new boiler


Boilers are a necessity in any home as they will heat the hot water for you to have a bat hand a shower as well as wash the pots and much more. However, did you know that boilers actually account for 60 percent of all of the money you spend on energy bills and it is for this reason that you need to make sure that your boiler is up to scratch.

There must be hundreds of different boilers out there and depending on the house that you live in, your boiler may or may not be suitable for the modern day. A lot of old boilers are very inefficient meaning that a lot of the energy that they used is used for no reason at all and that you have no benefit out of it. If this is the case for your boiler, then you really need to consider upgrading as it will save you an incredible amount of money every single year.

So, let’s say that you have found that your boiler is totally inefficient as you currently have a G-rated boiler installed. This means that you should upgrade to a new boiler and one of the bets options out there is a condensing boiler with improved heating controls. If you do actually upgrade a G-rated boiler to a new, high efficiency condensing boiler, you will actually save yourself on average around £225 per year on your heating costs. This is a huge saving we are sure you will agree but there are of course costs when it comes to installing a new boiler.

The good news however is that the UK government is extremely keen to reduce the carbon footprint of the country and there are a number of grants and funding available if you have an extremely inefficient boiler such as the G-rated boilers. This can often reduce the cost of you having a new boiler installed by almost the total amount and we urge you to look into this area if this is the case in your home.

Boilers are an area that you need to be careful with as a lot of plumbers will try and con you. You should always get three different quotes when looking for a new boiler and we would estimate that a replacement has boiler will cost you around £2500 and a replacement oil boiler will cost 3000.



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