Insulating your home to save energy and money

We have spoken about insulating your home a little in the past and the importance of making sure that as little heat escapes from your home as possible but there are so many different areas to think about when it comes to insulation that we thought we’d share a little more with you. Some of the areas that you will need to think about when it comes to insulation including your glazing, your loft and your walls. These are all extremely important as any heat that is escaping from your home is basically money escaping from your bank account and when it is so easy to stop this in some areas, it is paramount that you think about insulation.

Wall insulation is one of the main areas of concern within a house and chances are that you will already have some insulation. However, it can usually always be improved. Wall insulation will depend on the type of walls that you have. If you have the usual type of walls, then cavity wall insulation is the way to go and if you don’t have this, then you really need to think about getting it as a third of all hat is lost through walls that aren’t insulated. If you have solid walls, then you will have to insulate them either internally or externally. This can usually save you a good £350 on your energy bills every year.

Another area to focus on a lot is your loft insulation. As we know, heat rises so loft insulation is also an area of extremely high importance. Implementing good loft insulation will actually save you around £145 on your energy bills every year if you don’t have any insulation there currently. This is well worth doing.

Floor insulation is the last area that you should focus on and even though it is not as important as the other forms on insulation in some ways, it is still pretty important. Floor insulation could save you around £50 per year and it is easy to implement as well in a lot of cases. You can also make sure to fill in any cracks and gaps that might be letting in a draught.

Insulation allows you to keep heat in a lot more effectively and this will in turn lower you energy bills and save the environment.



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