Unusual ways to Save Energy


We hear a lot about energy saving these days but we think that there are a lot of other ways that you don’t hear about that will allow you to save energy and help the environment. All we hear about is things like having energy saving light bulbs and making sure to turn off your TV when you have finished using it but there are ways to save energy that don’t involve things like this at all and that are possibly things that most people won’t think of. Here are a few examples:

One of the ways that you can save energy is to actually buy your food and drink locally. Although this might seem a bit odd, there are some great reasons why this will help to save energy. If you are buying food from the supermarkets, chances are that it has had to travel hundreds of miles to get on the shelf and this means that it has had to use up a lot of fuel to get there. If you have the chance to buy your food locally form a farm shop perhaps or even a local butchers, chances are that the food has not had to travel as far and has a much lower carbon footprint. As well as this, it will be bound to taste better too.

Another way of saving energy without really having to do much is to simply think about alternatives that would not use energy. What w mean by this is that if you are sitting in your home and you are feeling quite warm, don’t get out the electric fan in order to cool you down but actually go outside of get a paper hand fan. This will use no energy at all and will save a lot of money on electricity bills. The same theory applies if you are in a car. Most people will simply put on their air conditioning these days and will use up the battery but remember, you can also just open the window and this will use no energy at all.

Energy saving is all about being inventive a lot of the time and not just doing the ordinary. Of course, you can take drastic measures such as buying an electric car if you really want to save money but this is something that isn’t really refined enough as of yet.



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