Energy Saving Claims Found to be Misleading


When you are looking to take energy, then chances are that you will look at statistics and what well known and reliable companies are telling you. This is perfectly ordinary as most people won’t know everything about energy saving. However, according to a recent investigation, one renewable energy company has made misleading claims about air source heat pumps and how they can save up to 40 percent on your heating bill. When investigated, it was found that these claims were false and that they should not have been put out there for consumers in the first place.

The Advertising Standards Authority has said that the company named ACS Renewable Solutions made the claims about the heat pumps that were misleading to consumers. They said that as well as being able to reduce your winter heating bill by as much as 40 percent, that also the pumps are more than three times as efficient as traditional heating systems. This is not the case at all as it was found when the advertising standards agency investigated.

These air source heat pumps work by absorbing the heat that is in the air outside and then applying it to your heating system and using it to warm your radiators and heating system. There were however five claims by the ACS company during a mail shot and three of these have been challenged by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Although the company made some bold and slightly misleading claims, there is no doubt that these air source hat pumps do actually do a great job and are more efficient that a traditional heating system. In fact, householders in the UK are currently able to get up to £850 in help form the government if they are looking to actually install one of these system in their home as there has been more than £12 million worth of government vouchers put to one side for this area.

As well as this, there will be a scheme put in place in 2012 that will see householders actually being paid regularly for the amount of heat and hot water that they produce using reliable energy sources. This is put in place to promote the use of energy efficient heat sources and other renewable energy sources.

The fact that these misleading claims were out there just shows that you need to do your own research before purchasing or agreeing to anything regarding energy saving.


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