A few energy saving tips in the home

In every modern day home, there are a number of items that are constantly sucking up power and therefore increasing your costs of living. Not only this, but they are using up energy that the planet only has a limited amount of, and in a lot of the cases, there is not a lot of point to this at all. There are actually a high amount of times when things do not need to be using energy at all or times when less energy can be used. It is knowing these tips and tricks that will allow you to reduce your energy bills and also save the environment.

One of the things that saves a lot of energy in the home is simply turning things off. This might sound like something that is of course done by yourselves but is it really? The thing is, that when we turn things off most of the time, we will simply press the standby button on the remote control. This might look like we’ve turned our TV off but the fact of the matter is that it is still on and it is still using energy. In fact, having things on standby instead of actually being completely off uses around 10 percent of the entire year’s energy in a house. This is why you should really consider turning things off properly when they are not being used as it will also save you around £40 per year on your energy bills.

Another thing that will be using up a lot of energy is your computer. There are times when a lot of us are not using the compute r as w might go watch some TV or have our dinner but we neglect to turn it off. Of course, we really should be turning it off if we are away for quite a long period of time but even if we are away for a short while, it might be best to simply turn the computer monitor off for a while as this will save energy. Another way of saving energy in this area is to put your laptop or desktop computer onto a more energy efficient mode. Many computers have these modes if they are relatively new and this can save a lot of energy and battery power on laptops.



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