Installing a door sweep to save energy

One of the areas that heat will escape from your rooms will be under the door and if you have an old fashioned door (one that isn’t PVC) then you will probably be losing a lot of heat to the outside world. There are a few solutions for this, including getting a new door but that will of course be extremely costly. Instead, we recommend that you install what is known as a door sweep.

Basically, a door sweep is something that will go under your door and is often made out of plastic or a similar material. The idea of the door sweep is to bridge the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. This is the area that the heat will be escaping. This will usually be able to be picked up for the price of just a few pounds at any good hardware store and will come with instructions for installing. All you really need is a screwdriver in most cases. The great ting about this little item is that it will also be great for keeping a little bit of extra noise out of the room.

Of course, you need to think about where the door leads before you start installing something like this. It is basically useless on internal doors as the room on the other side of the door will be about the same temperature. We would say that you should install these on internal doors that lead to areas like a garage or external doors. It might sound like something extremely simple that wouldn’t really make much difference to the heat of your rooms but we think that you will be surprised. It is always nice to save a penny or two on that heating bill too isn’t it? It might also be worth looking into the insulation that your door actually offers too whilst you are on the subject.



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